If possible, CBSL’s goal is to provide each family a partial refund of the registration fees paid. However, at the moment we are unable to confirm the amount we would be able to refund. We are still awaiting confirmation on the following:

  • Amount we have to pay per registered player to Baseball Quebec and Lac St-Louis.

  • Amount we have to pay to sanction each level we participate in.

  • If there is a season, how much we have to pay to enter teams to play in leagues and how for how many games we would have to pay umpires and scorekeepers.

  • Confirmation if there will be A and B teams.

  • If there are Regionals, how much we would have to pay to enter teams to participate.


At the moment we have received responses from 112 of the 197 players registered to play this summer (see our email dated June 9th). If we do not receive the form by Wednesday, June 17th, we will assume that you will not be playing this summer and we will ask people on our waitlist if they wish to register in your place.


Concerning the consent form, everyone who has registered with CBSL prior to June 11th should have received an e-mail from Spordle on June 10th with a link to the electronic form to complete. We would like to remind you that this form is mandatory and has to be completed and submitted prior to the first activity scheduled. Without this form, your child(ren) will not be allowed access to the field to participate.
The form is obligatory for:


  • All players (CBSL recommends that you complete the electronic form)

  • Parents who wish to be a coach/team manager (pdf version only)

  • Person who will be taking on the role of Mr./Mrs. Net (pdf version only)

  • Parents of all Rallye-Cap players (pdf version only)

  • Umpires/Scorekeepers (instructions will be sent out at a later date)

For those who wish to complete the pdf form, please download it here and once completed send it to info@baseballstlaurent.com.


As is the case every year, we need parents to help in different roles. This year we need parents to be coaches, team managers and for 2020, the new role of Mr./Mrs. Clean.


If we have no one to volunteer in any of the roles mentioned above, a team will not be permitted to practice or play games.


In 2020, head coaches will need to have the on-line training certificate. For more information please go to the site.


Team managers are a resource for coaches to help make sure that teams have enough players to participate in games. However, in 2020, team managers will be asked to take attendance of all players and coaches at each game and practice. Attendance sheets will need to be kept organized for tracing purposes in case there is ever a positive COVID-19 case.

For more information about Mr./Mrs. Clean, please go to the site. As with coaches, if a team does not have a parent to take on this role, then the team will be barred from participating in any baseball activities.


Parents who expressed interest in being a coach and a team manager are asked to confirm their interest by completing the form found on our website.


In 2020, each player will need to have their own bat, batting helmet and fielding glove. There is no sharing permitted between players.


CBSL will be providing to each coach a set of catcher’s equipment (we will do our best to provide 2 sets since the catcher’s equipment cannot be shared during a game or practice) and practice balls. We will not be providing team bats.


In a continuation from last year, players and coaches from Atom to Senior will need to provide their own pants. To see which pants will be acceptable please go to our website. Rallye-Cap players are not obligated to wear grey pants.


The 2020 season will be played with regular rules.


The season will begin the week of July 13 and end September 20, 2020.
There will be a maximum of 22 games played (see section “Rained Out Games” for more information). In a normal year, a season is comprised of 22 games.

Games scheduled up to September 1st, 2020 and cancelled due to rain can be rescheduled. Any games scheduled after September 1, 2020, will not be rescheduled in case of rain.


This year, all CBSL “A” and “B” teams, from Atom to Midget, will play in the Lac St-Louis League.
In recent years, DPSL (Dollard-des-Ormeaux/Pierrefonds/Saint-Laurent) was the league for our Atom, Mosquito and PeeWee B teams. As of 2020, DPSL has permanently folded.
The Lac St-Louis league for Atom B will consist of teams from Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Pierrefonds, West Island and Lachine.
For Mosquito and PeeWee B, the same teams as mentioned for Atom B will be in the league, with the addition of Lasalle.


It was decided that for the 2020 season, Regionals are cancelled (Regionals are the end of season tournament to determine which team will represent the region at the Provincials. There are no Provincials in 2020).



For more information specific to the Rallye-Cap program, please click here.



At this time we are waiting for confirmation that the leagues will be operational in 2020.


With the cancellation of Regionals, there will be no sanctioned Baseball Quebec events this year which means coaches will not be required to be certified.
If there are any parents who wish to tryout coaching this is the perfect year to see how rewarding the experience can be.
For those who wish to take the online course which provides important information and material on how to run practices, CBSL will still refund parents who successfully complete the course.



In 2020, the plate umpire will be behind the pitcher. This is a sanitary rule that is being imposed by Public Health. It is possible that at some point during the season, the umpire can return behind the plate.
Until then, we ask that coaches, parents and players be understanding and allow our umpires who can be as young as 12 years old (they must turn 13 during the calendar year to qualify as an umpire) to get accustomed to the new normal of umpiring.