What are the ages for the program?

Girls and boys turning 5 to 7 years old during the year. Children turning 4 years-old during the year may be permitted to register, if approved through a CBSL evaluation. Approved 4-year-olds must be accompanied by a parent on the field at all times during practices.

The children are divided into two groups: Pre-Rallye Cap (for those turning 5 to 6 years old during the year) and Rallye Cap (for those turning 7 years old during the year). Pré-Rallye Cap emphasizes the introduction of baseball with training in the form of play while in Rallye Cap, the children could also play, among other things, exhibition games against teams from other boroughs.

Which park?

Chamberland Park in Saint-Laurent.

How many practices?

Twice a week, one weeknight, typically Wednesday for Pre-Rallye Cap or Thursday for Rally Cap (precise evening to be determined in May) from 6:30 pm until 8:00 pm and Sunday morning from 10:00 am until 11:30 am. The sessions should last 1 hour for Pre-Rallye Cap and 1:30 for Rallye Cap. If we create more than one group, siblings would not be split, if parent make such a request.


How long is the baseball season?

The season starts the first week in June and ends the last week in August. A CBSL director or the Rallye-Cap instructor will contact the parents of registered children to invite them to an information session which normally takes place at the end of April or the beginning of May.


What equipment is required?

A child needs a baseball glove and should wear running shoes (cleats are not required). A baseball cap and shirt is provided. Other baseball equipment is supplied through the program.

Does a child need to know how to play baseball?

No, the program is structured to introduce baseball to young children. It is for this reason that the involvement of the instructors is paramount: CBSL will endeavor to respect a maximum of 25 players per group and 5 players per workshop, in order to maximize the kids’ interest level.


Do parents need to know how to play Baseball?

No. Parents are encouraged to get involved on the baseball field with their children whether or not they know how to play baseball. Participation by parents is highly encouraged.

Do the children play baseball games?

Yes, while the beginning of the season focuses on practicing and learning, the latter half of the season will see the children playing baseball games and participating in baseball festivals. The older children may be used as replacements for teams in the Atom division (children turning 8 and 9 during the year).


What do the children do and learn during a baseball practice?

Children perform exercises and play games that help develop a child’s movement, agility, and hand-andeye coordination. The children learn the fundamentals of baseball (batting, running, throwing, & catching). The children are separated in small groups to practice each individual skill and then play games to see how they are progressing. The children are gradually introduced to the rules and history of the game of baseball.

Who is the instructor?
He is a highly respected in CBSL and is currently also an evaluator and a floating instructor for CBSL, helping our coaches from Atom to Senior. In order to optimize practices, he could be accompanied by an older CBSL player who has completed the Baseball Quebec’s coaches’ initiation course.