Take a step in an enriching direction: become a coach of your child's team! For those who would like to become a coach, the off-season offers the perfect opportunity to complete the online initiation program.


It's easy! Read the instructions and click on the links provided. The online program will take about 3 hours to complete and can be done in several sessions: the module will resume where you left off. Once the online course is completed, you can continue your training with classroom courses. For in-class courses available to coaches, visit the Coaching section on the Lac St-Louis page on the Baseball Quebec website and the Baseball Canada PCNE website. For your information, courses will generally be held in March, April or May.

Once completed, you will have access to the Baseball Canada Online Library - a comprehensive resource to help you get started and a place to visit often while you coach your child's team. All coaching courses are refundable by CBSL.

Please note that in order to participate in tournaments or regional events, all A and B teams need a coach who has completed the online training and all A & B teams, other than Atom B, also need a coach who has completed the online and classroom training. In 2012, CBSL teams had qualified coaches.


If you have any questions, you can contact the Director of Coaching.


In November 2017 Baseball Québec adopted a “Volunteer Screening Policy” in order to assure the security of our players.

A copy of this policy can be obtained at the Baseball Quebec website.

On March 12, 2018, the Board of Directors of CBSL adopted a resolution supporting the Baseball Québec policy.

Consequently, all Coaches and co-coaches, all volunteers who could be in contact with minor players and all management people and employees of CBSL must submit to a background check.

For all question on this issue, please communicate with CBSL at

In order to encourage teams to organize exhibition games in all divisions, CBSL will assume the remuneration for one home game per team to pay for the plate umpire only (base umpires and scorekeepers are excluded).

CBSL will pay for all coaching courses up to a limit of one course per year per active coach. For the purposes of this resolution, the two introductory level courses (i.e., online and in-class) will be counted as one course.


Adopted in 2018

The Club de baseball St. Laurent will subsidize the fuel costs of any coach who attends a provincial championship, according to the following criteria:

  • The coach must be recognized as a coach for the team in question;

  • The coach's qualifications must be up to date; and

  • The provincial championship must be held outside the administrative regions of Lac St-Louis, Laval or Montreal.

The amount of the subsidy will be determined at the rate of $0.50 per kilometre for locations starting at 75 km (one-way) for a maximum of $200.

Google Maps will be used to determine the exact distance between Saint-Laurent and the championship venue.