Steps to follow for all CBSL teams interested in having a team budget

  1. meet with parents and appoint a manager for your team;

  2. as soon as there is a form of money solicitation either through monetary donations from parents or fundraising activities or sponsors - to do certain activities during the summer (e. g. tournaments) - the team is required to make a team budget (i. e. list of planned activities with income and expenses;

  3. the budget will then have to be submitted to the CBSL Treasurer who will ensure its compliance;

  4. if you make a budget, give the amounts received from parents and/or sponsors to CBSL, which will deposit it into an account at the banking institution designated by CBSL. Never accept cash for transparency reasons!

  5. notify CBSL, 7 days in advance, of any fundraising activity or fundraising planned by the team and the managers (in order to avoid scheduling conflicts, a schedule will be established). Parental authorization is also required for underage players involved in such an activity (e. g. packaging in a grocery store);

  6. to help you obtain sponsorships, here is the uniform structure to follow when you meet with potential sponsors.



$1 to $249

will receive an advertising receipt as a planned donation and a letter of thanks signed by CBSL.

$250 to $499

will receive an advertising receipt as a planned donation and a letter of thanks signed by CBSL. In addition, the person/company will be able to benefit from visibility on our website for 1 year - with a link to the company's website, if possible. In this case, CBSL will charge 5% of the money received for administrative costs.

$500 and more

all the above points will apply and the person/company will have the opportunity to apply his company logo to the team's coats and other promotional items (no authorization required for sponsors on purchases made.

When meeting potential sponsors, do not hesitate to encourage them to invest in local baseball and become an official sponsor of the CBSL.

All funds raised must be donated to the CBSL Treasurer by the team manager in the form of a cheque payable to CBSL. Thereafter, we will deposit the cheque into CBSL's account by posting it separately. Thereafter, the team manager must ask CBSL for any amount (e.g. tournament registration) 7 days in advance with supporting expenses. Cheque signatories must be the team manager and head coach. Always be prepared to present proof of receipt vs. planned budget. No prior approval will be required, but if an issue is identified, the Treasurer will call the team manager.

No form of permanent advertising may be placed on the uniforms of CBSL teams or in the Borough's baseball parks. However, you can bring removable advertising that you will bring back after each game (example: signs).

CBSL only has a monitoring and coordination role in this process in order to respect a certain uniformity between the teams.