Reporting to the Head Umpire, we are looking for many Umpires.


Control, apply and enforce the rules of games played between teams that are members of Baseball Québec.


  • Be at lease 13 years old during the calendar year;

  • Have knowledge of the rules of baseball;

  • Complete and pass a mandatory 1 to 2-day training course to obtain accreditation;

  • Good command of French. English will be an asset; and

  • Must be available on weekday evenings and sometimes on weekends.


Depending on the category and level of the officiated games and the ranks and years of experience obtained by the candidate. For more details, see the price list for the 2020 season.

If you are interested, send us your application by completing the application form, and send it to our Head Umpire.

Please also remember that your involvement as a baseball player takes precedence over your involvement as an umpire. Arrange to give your availability outside of the training and game periods of your team.


For courses available to umpires (level 1, 2 or 3), visit the Lac St-Louis Umpire page on the Quebec Baseball website. For your information, the courses will be held in April or May. This course will be paid for by CBSL, if you umpire a minimum number of games as an official during the summer (follow-up will be done by the Umpire Scheduler).

Resolution adopted by the CBSL on January 2017

For Level 3 online umpire examinations, CBSL will pay according to the candidate's success rate, i.e. the first attempt at 100%, the second at 50% and the subsequent ones at 0%.

  • Navy blue cap with Baseball Quebec logo (provided) 
  • Naby blue polo shirt (provided)
  • Dark grey pants (not provided)
  • Black belt (not provided) 
  • Black socks (not provided)
  • Navy blue or black bag for baseballs (provided)
  • Black shoes, with or without cleats (not provided)

If you umpire a minimum number of games during the summer (follow-up will be done by the Umpire Scheduler), CBSL will provide and pay for your cap, polo and referee kit (broom and counter) in your rookie year and the Head Umpire will evaluate each request individually for the following seasons. Normally, you will have to pay for any additional items.

Referees must also have the following equipment when officiating behind the plate: mask, chest protector and shin pads. For those who don't want to buy their own equipment, there is usually a set available in each baseball park (please leave it on site after each game).

Resolution adopted by the CBSL in April 2018

To pay for course and uniform/equipment fees, a minimum commitment of eight games (= season + tournament + LSL Regional + DPSL Championships) will be required by CBSL for each umpire or your post-dated cheque for $75 (dated for September 1 of the current year), which will be collected by the Head Umpire or Scorekeeper Scheduler, as the case may be, before the start of the season, will be deposited at the end of the summer. No official will be given games by the Umpire Scheduler without submitting their cheque. In this way, the same person can be both umpire and scorekeeper during the summer as long as he or she respects the minimum of eight games officiated separately as an umpire or scorekeeper. In the same vein, a deposit of $120 (with the same conditions mentioned above) will be requested from referees wishing to borrow equipment for the summer.


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